Wednesday, June 18, 2014

 We stopped at a poppy field between Causeni and Chisinau during a May trip.
 A close-up of a poppy bloom.
 Sister Kneib posing by a clump of poppies.
 Another view of the poppy field.  We think that they were going wild in a new orchard or vineyard.
 More close-up of the poppies.

 Poppies and some other small yellow wild flowers.

Poppies and some purple wild flowers.
 The opening to the grotto by the model house in the village of Butuceni.
The outside of a model house in the village of Butuceni being admired by Sister Kneib and Elder Stay.  Notice the thatched roof.

 On 24 April 2014, Elder Kneib and Vladislav Cociu, the mayor of the village of Carahasani, sign the clean water project agreement.  The church is donating the pipe, valves, and manholes for the distribution system in the village.
 Mayor Vladislav Cociu, Sister Kneib, Elder Kneib, the village water expert, and the contractor representative in the office of the mayor on 24 April 2014.
 The contractor laying new water distribution pipe in the village of Carahasani.
 The water contractor representative, Elder Kneib, and Mayor Tatiana Badan in the village of Selemet signing a clean water agreement on 16 June 2014.  The Church is donating over $90,000 worth of materials for this project.
 Elder Kneib, Mayor Tatiana Badan, and the contractor shaking hands after the signing of the water agreement in the Mayor's office.
 Elder Kneib, Sister Kneib, Sister Rebecca Stay, Elder Randall Stay, Mayor Badan, and the water contractor in the mayor's office.  Elder and Sister Stay were visiting from Frankfurt, Germany where they serve as the area Humanitarian Missionaries.  They oversee Elder and Sister Kneib's activities in Moldova and 11 other Eastern European Countries where humanitarian missionaries serve.
 A new power station set up where the new well and pump will be constructed in Selemet.
On 27 May 2014, Elder Kneib signed a supplemental donation agreement in the village of Rogojeni which increase the church's donation to the clean water project in the village of Rogojeni.
Alexei Burlacu,  Mayor of Rogojeni, signs the supplemental agreement in his office.
Mayor Alexei Burlacu and Elder Kneib in the mayor's office.
 A hand-dug trench up the hill from the well and pump station located along the Raut River.  The project was going to use the existing metal water pipe, but when the pipe was uncovered, it was found to be corroded and unable to carry water under pressure.
 The man-hole at the top of the hill where the new pipe was to meet the existing pipe in the Rogojeni water project.
 The sign at the entrance to the new geriatric center in the village of Vasieni.  The sign acknowledges all those organizations which made the center possible.  The bottom organization is that of the church.
 On 6 June 2014, people gathered in the court yard of the geriatric center to celebrate the ribbon cutting and opening of the new center.
 Among the many speakers at the ribbon cutting ceremony was the president of the Holland organization which funded a large portion of the new geriatric center.
 The Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova also spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony in the village of Vasieni.
 Two speakers after the Prime Minister on the agenda, was Elder Kneib.  The church donated the water pump in the deep well and the water filter and treatment system to supply clean water to the entire 4-building campus of the geriatric center.  My translator was Hripsime and she was awed by the presence of so many celebrities.  My talk was five minutes long as I explained the humanitarian work of the church and where the money came from to allow us to donate to this project.
 As you can see, all of the proceedings was covered by several TV stations and reporters.
 The new stove and kitchen in the geriatric center.
 A ninety-year old villager is the first resident of the geriatric center.
 A resident room of the center.  This room is a room for two residents.
 Elder and Sister Kneib in the dining room of the geriatric center.  A cake is on the table.
 The night of 6 June, we were invited to a restaurant as the guest of ACASA, the umbrella organization which sponsored the construction of the geriatric center.  The restaurant was located in Chisinau.
 This is the foyer of the restaurant immediately inside of the front entrance.  The people along the wall are dolls.
 The table setting at the restaurant.  On the plate was a fresh vegetable salad with cheese cubes.
 In the corner of the restaurant was this antique sewing machine with doll.
 In the village of Corpaci, was this two-some being pulled by a mare with her colt.
 In the village of Capaclia, this farmer is harvesting hay by horse and wagon.
 Flowers in a garden in the village of Butuceni.
 More flowers in Butuceni.

 The court yard of the monastery in Orhei Vecchi.

 Elder Stay is investigating a shallow dip water well in the village of Butuceni.
 One of the hotels in the village of Butuceni had a swimming pool.
 Along the trail to the Orhei Vecchi was this blooming thistle.
 and this wild flower
 and these wild flowers.

 This is the new monastery at Orhei Vecchi.
 This is inside of a model house in the village of Butuceni.
 Another view of the room inside the model house in Butuceni.
 This inside of the grotto open to the public in the village of Butuceni.

 A flower garden in the front yard of a house in the village of Butuceni.
 A horse and buggy going down main street in the village of Butuceni.
Another flower garden in a front yard in the village of Butuceni.