Sunday, November 10, 2013

 Turkeys showing their stuff in the Moldovan village of Chistelnita, Moldova, just in time for Thanksgiving.

 Entrance to a cemetery in the village of Butuceni, Moldova.  The apple tree still has apples on it and it is November 9.
 On Bovember 9, Arlana and I went trekking up the hill to a monastery carved into the rock.  The steeple is what shows in the background.  Note the entrance below the steeple tower.  The monastery dates back to the 10th century.  Archeological finds in this valley date 2000 years back.
 This is inside the church dug out out of the cliff.  The only light is candle and sunshine through the windows.

 Below the main part of the church is a series of caves carved out of the limestone.
 Opposite to the entrance to the church in the rock is this view.  This is the Rout River.
 Here is the entrance opposite the main entrance to the church in the rock.
 Here is the windows to the church in the rock.
 On top of the church in the rock, you can see the steeple tower and the village of Butuceni below in the valley along the Rout River.
 Here is the new church located also on top of the ridge of rock and further beyond the old church in the rock.

 More of the village of Butuceni as seen from on top of the rocky ridge where the churches are located.

 This another view of the cliff side entrance to the church in the rock.  Note the people on the ledge.  Also note the entrances to other caves in the rock.  This valley was inhabited in the first century BC and they lived in the rock for protection from invaders.
 Another view of the church and rocky ridge and the Rout River below.
 Arlana walking past a village girl selling souvenirs at a corn stalk shack.
 Arlana at the entrance to the park of the rock church.  The official name is Orhei Vechii.

 Arlana inside the new church compound on top of the rock.
 Walter standing beside a old bell in the new church compound.

 A cross on top of the rocky ledge over looking the valley below.
 Members of the Chisinau Branch picnicking in the woods by a lake in November not too far from the village of Ivancea, Moldova.  The branch paid for a tour bus (a Mercedes Benz coach) to take members to Orhei Vechii and picnic for a day outing.  They like to eat!
 Some people have horse drawn carts and others have these tractor drawn carts in Moldova.  Some village streets are such rugged shape that it is impossible for cars to travel them.
 These are bee hives in Simion Condrea's front yard which he and his wife have in the form of a vegetable and flower garden.  Simion lives in the village of Chistelnita.  Our 4-wheel drive Suzuki could not manage the street to his house.  So we had to walk about a block to his front gate.
 Simion and his wife were most hospitable.  He was real happy about getting his new wheel chair last month.  It was one of many donated to Moldova by the Church Humanitarian Services.
 With very little advanced notice, Mrs Condrea invited us into her house and fed us boiled chicken and potatoes and fresh bread with home made juice.
 He is unemployed but they seem happy.  They raise everything that they eat. 
 Simion and his wife are giving us a sample of their honey from their hives.  They did not get stung either.

 Simion's garden with the bee hives.
Arlana liked the lace curtains in the front windows of Simion's house.
 This is Simion's guest room inside of his house.  It was decorated very nicely and very clean.  Pictures of his family is on the cabinet.
 This is another wall of Simion's guest room.
The memorabilia table in Simion's guest room of his house.  The are very humble and very friendly.