Wednesday, April 30, 2014

 On April 15, 2014, the village of Capalia engineer, assistant mayor and mayor Alexei Busuioc visited our apartment in Chisinau to sign the Capaclia Clean Water Project Agreement.  The church is donating over  $94K so that the village can have running water in their homes and schools.
 Also signing the agreement is Lidia Jubea, president of Spectru, the construction contractor who will construct the water tower, renovate the deep well, and lay new water pipe in the streets of the village.  Also in the picture is Doina Stepanenco, Elder Kneib's translater.  Lidia cannot speak English and Elder Kneib cannot speak Romanian nor Russian.  The mayor speaks some English, French, Romanian, and Russian.
 Three copies of the agreement were signed and stamped so that each party could have a signed copy.

When everything was signed and stamped, hands were shook, and smiles broke forth.  Capaclia is going to have running water for their indoor plumbing, hopefully, before summer ends for the first time in 19 years.

Friday, April 4, 2014

 In March 2014, Arlana and I were at the train station to see off some missionaries as they were being transferred to Romania.
 While we were touring the school at the village of Porumbrei, Moldova, a flock of Turkeys came towards us.  I was almost like they were "watch dogs"!
 But, I guess the turkeys were looking for a handout!
 At the National Museum of History of Moldova, Arlana looks at huge diorama of a seen that took place during WW II.
 A display at the National Museum of History of Moldova shows some military artillery.
 A section of the Museum of History is dedicated to the time when Russia was in control of the country.  As seen above, it appeared to be similar to the holocaust that took place in Germany.
 Some more information about the occupation of the country by the Russians is shown above.  The voters of this country need to see this exhibit before they vote!  Some people in this country still favor the Russian way of life!
 The Museum also has an outdoor display showing some rock carvings around burial locations.  These statues are dated to sometime BC and were found in the Moldova area.
Arlana is standing in front of the entrance to the National Museum of History of Moldova.  We visited the Museum on 29 March 2014.