Friday, February 7, 2014

 This is the scene outside of our apartment window after an 11-inch snow fall on January 29.  The temperature was near 0 degrees F.
Even though we did not have any trips planned for this day, Arlana had to go out and see what the snow was like.  I was very dry and powdery.
Arlana is ahead walking to the grocery store from our apartment. The distance is only 1-1/2 blocks.
 This is the road to Ohrencia from Chisinau on January 31.  Since this was an international highway, it got priority is getting to see a snowplow.
 These are the students at the village school in Ohrencia.  They don't ordinarily dress in the native costumes, but this was a special day and they were participating in a school activity.
 The accordion is a common accompaniment.  The boy played what looked like a recorder.
 The Church Humanitarian Services donated to the village school these four tables equipped with benches for their dining hall.
 These girls are performing a circle folk dance.
 These children are doing another type of folk dance and singing at the same time.
 These children are singing.
 This is one of the classrooms.  Mr Ion Virlan, the director of the school, is standing in the middle.
 This is another classroom with the teacher in the background.  The church also donated a chalkboard in each of the classrooms.  The former chalkboard consisted of rough blanks of wood painted black.
The children are showing their excitement about be able to use and write so easily on the new boards.