Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 On July 4 at the District missionary meeting, Elder Kneib lights the candles on Sister Kneib's birthday cake.  Elder Julian looks on.
 After blowing out the candles, Sister Kneib thinks about how many candles there were as we all sing happy birthday in Romanian.
 Elder and Sister Kneib on July 4, 2014.
 From left to right:  Elders Hammer, Dalend,& Julian Sockhoo, Sisters Cox & Uhl, Elder Oldham, Sister Barbara Schwartz, and Elder Robert Schwartz at the District missionary meeting.
 From left to right:  Sister Kneib, Hripsime Buniatyan, Sargysan Buniatyan, and Elder Kneib at the ribbon cutting ceremony at kindergarten #156 in Chisinau.  Sargysan installed all of the electrical fixtures in the medical room renovation.  Hripsime is our translator.
 At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the kindergarten children present a program of song and dance that is accompanied by an accordian.
 Kindergarten children, dressed in native costume, present a folk dance.
 More dancing by the kindergarten children.
 Elder Kneib is cutting the ribbon at the new door of the remodeled medical room at the kindergarten.
 In the remodeled medical room of the kindergarten, a Chisinau Board of Education member discusses a topic with the kindergarten director and Elder Kneib.  Elder Kneib just smiles because he does not know what is being said!
 The luncheon at the kindergarten for the guests of the ribbon cutting ceremony.
 Elder and Sister Kneib with the kindergarten assistant director and the director.
 President Clark Ivory with Elder and Sister Schwartz and Sister Ivory during the Ivory's inaugural visit to Moldova.
 The Ivory family with President Covali, Mariana, and their two children.
 The water fountain in the park by the National Cathedral in downtown Chisinau, Moldova.
 TaNeasha Comsa with her brothers Joshua and Benjamin at the fountain in Chisinau.
 Benjamin and Brent Comsa at the fountain in Downtown Chisinau, Moldova.
 From left to right:  LaNaya, Joshua, Benjamin, Brent, LaVona and TaNeasha Comsa with Valory Kneib and Elder Kneib in Downtown Chisinau, Moldova on 25 July, 2014.
 Benjamin and LaNaya Comsa share a friendly V-shaped bench in the park in Chisinau.

 Elder Kneib and Brent Comsa admiring the statue of Stefan cel Mare in Downtown Chisinau, Moldova.
 Valory in front of the arch along Stefan cel Mare street in Chisinau, Moldova.
 The plaza of the National Cathedral and bell tower in Downtown Chisinau.

 The pigeons are very friendly on the cathedral plaza in Chisinau.
 The Comsa family and Valory Kneib in front of the Romulas statue on the steps of the National History Museum of Moldova.
 Under the arch in Chisinau, Moldova
 The Kneibs and Comsas enjoying traditional Moldovan food at the La Taifas restaurant located in Chisinau near the intersection of Bucharesti and Pushkin streets.

 The Kneibs and Comsas on the front steps of the chapel building located in Chisinau.
 A gathering for dinner at the Kneib's apartment on 27 July 2014 were left to right:  Benjamin Comsa, Valory Kneib, TaNeasha Comsa, Brent Comsa, Arlana Kneib, LaVona Comsa, LaNaya Comsa, Joshua Comsa, Hripsime Buniatyan, and Sargysan Buniatyan.
 The castle located in the town of Soroca, Moldova.  The wooden version of this castle was first built by Stefan cel Mare in the 16th century.
 Horse drawn transportation near the town of Soroca, Moldova
 A sheep herder near the town of Soroca, Moldova
 This is the Dniester River at the town od Soroca, Moldova.  On the opposite bank is the country of Ukraine.
 The Dniester River which separates the countries of Moldova and Ukraine at the town of Soroca, Moldova.
 The village of Tekinivka, Ukraine is the other side of the river from Soroca, Moldova.
 Elder Schwartz and Elder Kneib are enjoying the sites along the Dniester River in Soroca.
 The European Union is sponsoring the renovation of the Soroca Castle and the archeological explorations at its base and foundation.

 A fairy is coming across the river from Ukraine to Moldova.  There is no bridge at this point.

 Sister Kneib and Sister Schwartz and Elder Schwartz exploring the grounds around the Soroca Castle.  The castle is circular with 5 bastions.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

 On June 25, we went to a large kindergarten in Singerei town where the Church had donated 23 3-drawer beds with mattresses.  The children are between the ages of 2 and 7 years old and stay in the kindergarten all day, 5 days per week, year round.
 Because they are here all day, there is a nap time each afternoon in these beds.  They wer real happy for their new beds.
 This is what the beds look like when not in use.
 On the day that we visited, the children put on a program.  That is why they are dressed so nicely.
 They danced.
 They danced somemore.
 They sang and recited poems.
 Even the smaller children did their parts of the program.
 And they also danced.
 And they danced some more.

 And they sang and recited some more.
 Then afterwards, the kindergarten served a hot lunch of native foods.  Seated with Elder Kneib is mayor Vasile Doga and Doina Stepanenco, our translator.
 Beside the mayor sat the kindergarten director Elena Patras.
 The mayor presented a painted vase to Elder Kneib as token of his appreciation.
 On a previous trip to the kindergarten in March 2014, this is the part of the kindergarten play ground outside of the building.
 This another scene of the playground.
 This is an activity room inside the kindergarten building.
These are the old beds that the new beds replaced.  The kindergarten was first opened in 1981.  That is probably how old these beds are.