Saturday, September 13, 2014

 On July 10, We had a ribbon cutting ceremony at Kindergarten #156 in Chisinau.  The ceremony celebrated the completion of a medical room renovation where the Church provided sinks, toilet, faucets, tile, window, doors, ceiling, electrical fixtures, and flooring materials.  The kindergarten provided the labor of installing all of the materials.
 At the ceremony, the children presented a program.
 The program consisted of singing...
 reciting poems....
 and dancing....
 and more dancing.  Some of the girls were dressed in native costume.
 The kindergarten director (in green dress) shows off her new room to a Chisinau board of Education representative.  Elder Kneib looks on.
The kindergarten staff present Elder and Sister Kneib with some mementos and tokens of their appreciation for the assistance in improving the conditions at the kindergarten.
 On August 8, the ambassador of the United States to Moldova, William H. Moser, gave some remarks to those attending a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Gradiste School.
 Elder Kneib also presented some words of wisdom.  The church furnished a freezer, refrigerator and stove with oven to the school.
 The director of Counterpart International, the organization who did the kitchen renovation renovation, also talked.
 The people gather as the three join in cutting the ribbon to the entrance to the kitchen.

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